PDF files, Apps and Websites:

LogbookAbridged life saving signals, VHF channels & procedures, Colregs, Nav lights & day marks, flags & buoyage, logbook & passage planning for aspiring Comp Crew onwards!!

Passage Planning – Good template for your Yachtmaster exam passage plan

RNLI Coastal Safety – Nav lights, shapes & lights quiz, MOB, cold water shock &VHF radio use.

COLREGs – International regulations for preventing collisions at sea

Marinecards – Apple app flip cards on your phone for IALA buoy age, rules of the road, vessel lights & Col regs.

Marinetraffic – All our yachts have AIS transponders so your friends & family can see where you are when you do your course with us!

Diesel Engine – The basics of how a marine engine works including fresh / sea water cooling.

Stability Explained – Stability, GZ curves & righting moment explained

Radar Setup – Clear guide to the basics of how radar works and how to set it up correctly

Rope Knots – Great guide to sailing knots

Nautical Flags – Nautical flags and their meanings

Books (delivered onboard or inc P&P):

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Practical Courses Online & Shorebased

UK based Solent yacht charters

Competent Crew

Designed for students that have been sailing a few times and now want to learn more

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UK based Solent yacht charters

Day Skipper

Designed for students to extend their knowledge and confidence to become a skipper

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UK based Solent yacht charters

Coastal Skipper

Designed for the skipper who wants to be able to achieve more adventurous passages

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UK based Solent yacht charters

Yachtmaster™ Prep

Often the ultimate aim of spring skippers proving skipper experience & competence

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UK based Solent yacht charters

ICC prep and exam

For those with Day Skipper theory and knowledge going to be chartering in Europe

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