Scattering of ashes is often thought to be a spiritual act for setting one free.  Spreading ashes of your loved one allows mourners the opportunity to honour your loved one’s life in a dignified manner.

Here at Four Seasons we would be able to help arrange a meaningful send-off as a private ceremony with friends and family onboard.  This will allow mourners a chance to express their own relationships and experiences whilst providing a befitting farewell as the ashes drift away, symbolising the natural flow of life.

A location for the scattering will need to be decided before the ceremony takes place so if you would like to contact us with ideas or need help with suggestions on a scattering site we would be honoured to assist.

This service is normally done midweek during the day or early evening when the Solent is quieter.  Prices from £300 on either a sailing yacht or power cruiser.

Further to our experience we recommend the use of parcel urns as per here

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